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Cabbage patch kid shirley temple curls

McDowell said she and temple her aunt began to collect dolls together, so much so, that her uncle would go to garage sales and other places to "scout" out the temple dolls for them to purchase.
Buyers and sellers can also shirley meet periodically at shirley Shirley Temple Conventions - the last one cabbage was held curls in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2000 and the one before was in Australia in 1999.
Advertise your Shirley Temple doll curls in a collector's magazine, preferably one that specializes in dolls or toys.
Foreign kids were also more likely to have freckles, and the freckles also tended to be darker than the freckles on American produced CPKs.
The dolls came in a box containing an envelope with adoption papers featuring the doll's 'name' and 'birthdate as well as an adoption oath for the proud new owner to recite.By 1986, the demand had decreased, and the foreign manufacturers were no longer producing CPKs.These dolls tend to be more valuable than other boy CPKs.In 1984, Coleco added Cabbage Patch 'Preemies' and 'Koosas' to their line, and sold approximatley 20 million dolls over the course of the year.The original wood-pulp composition dolls made in the 1930s did not always hold up well so dolls in good condition are rare and sell for the highest price.

During 19, Coleco rincon produced and crack marketed several lines of 'specialty kids such as the Twins, World Travelers, and Young Astronauts.
Continuing to owners capitalise on the Cabbage reference Patch market, Coleco produced the Koosas and the Furskins.
History of the Cabbage Patch Kid.This head mold was especially common in the CPK Twins.The Takeoff - Garbage Pail torrent Kids Garbage Pail Kids originated as a trading card series, largely aimed at boys who were disgusted with their sisters' Cabbage Patch Kids.Depuis eBay- cabbage patch kids doll lot 1984 theres 5 dolls 4 black babys and 1 white baby.It's not unheard of for an avid collector to have rooms and rooms filled with Cabbage Patch Kids.Other dolls in the collection are noticeable such as the 27-inch 50th Anniversary Edition Shirley Temple doll with the requisite golden ringlets, the Raggedy Ann dolls and two Chatty Cathy dolls, including one that still says "Come play with me" at the pull.Some of the #5 kids came with retainers or 'headgear'.A variety of factories were used by Coleco to produce their CPKs.Some of the dolls are very old, such as two composition dolls found together in a box.Depuis eBay-, cabbage Patch Kids Brown Shag Hair Boy CPK Clothes 31 Sweat Suit Outfit Shoes.There are also many special Cabbage Patch orphanages for 'unwanted' Cabbage Patch Kids.Popcorn, in which the hair is tightly curled, resulting in hair that looks dodge like clumps of popcorn.Little People peter - The Original Cabbage Patch Kids.Display and sell the doll at a doll show or expo.Some CPKs have dimples, or teeth, or (removable) pacifiers - all of these features are dictated by the head mold.

While Cabbage Patch Kids were still the number one selling large doll (i.e., not Barbies) in the United States, collectors and consumers became dissastisfied with the direction Hasbro had taken the line.
After #8, the head molds get progressively uglier and uglier.