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Customer relationship management : a databased approach v. kumar.pdf

customer relationship management : a databased approach v. kumar.pdf

sales made by all.
Key Objectives of Loyalty Programs, management building true (attitudinal behavioral) loyalty Efficiency profits Effectiveness profits Value alignment.
21 Limitations RFM method 1 independently links customer response data with R, F and relationship M values and then groups customers, belonging to specific RFM codes May not produce equal number of customers under each RFM cell since individual metrics R, F, and M are likely.The link between Loyalty and Profits.The firm makes optimal resource allocation decisions only by segmenting customers along the two dimensions simultaneously 12 Share of Wallet and Market Share (MS) I MS of firm (Share-of-wallet i * Size of wallet) / Sj i1 J j1 Where: S sales to the focal.In order to obtain the predicted probability p, a back transformation is to be done p p Since log z x e kumarpdf z, 1 p 1 p e Then calculate the probability p of an event occurring, the variable of interest, as p.Sign in, available only to authorized users, add this document to saved.Mktg and Servicing Costs.Lifetime Duration-Profitability Association, reinartz and Kumar: Across the different firms, there is a segment of customers that is loyal but not very profitable (due databased to excessive resource allocation) there is a segment that generates very high profits although it has only a short tenure Since.Discounted Profit per Customer per Period to Manufacturer.

By comparing approach this score among a set of customers a prioritization is arrived at for directing future marketing chopper efforts 36 customer Lifetime Value game metrics (Net Present Value models) Multi-period evaluation of a customer s value to the firm Recurring Revenues Recurring costs Contribution margin Lifetime.
Multiform LP approach Within sector.
Results of Customer Satisfaction-Profit Link Studies.Atisfaction-Loyalty-Profit Chain Product Performance Customer Retention relationship / Revenue / Service Satisfaction Loyalty Profit Performance Employee Performance Source: Strengthening the satisfaction-profit chain, Eugene W Anderson, chopper Vikas Mittal.Vol 3, Iss.2, p 114.Source: Strengthening the satisfaction-profit chain, Eugene W Anderson, Vikas Mittal.Reinartz Instructors Presentation chopper Slides.Sign in, available only to authorized users.