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Detective conan episode 673

The owner explains that he's disappointed in his sons living off his fortune and that he will leave everything to the detective botanical garden.
Notes and references edit Notes.
As of episode October 2013, all nine volumes have been released.
After Amakasu is arrested, Andre and Jodie Starling examine a photo of Masumi while noting their familiarity with her face.After rescuing Ayumi, who was rolled up in Agasa's antique rug, the Detective Boys attempt to deduce the kidnappers' motive.Conan investigates, finds out that Kamon was making secret phone calls, episode and learns from Amuro that she was disturbed to discover Banba and her were orphaned by the same hotel fire.While Kogoro, Ran, and Tooru investigate the house, Conan notices detective Katshitsuka sneaking out and accompanies her for a drive." Detective Conan Episode 659".The kidnappers send a second message saying they found their cat and detailing Ayumi's location.His hobbies are playing the maracas and following the international wrestling detective scene, being a fan of wrestlers such as Brusier Brody and Keiji Mutoh, and recognising conan a move that Ran does as the "Shining Wizard a finishing move of Mutoh's.Sleeping Kogoro reveals that the scriptwriter discovered that Sazanami detective and the prop technician were partners in the serial thefts and feared for his life.

Subaru, Tooru, and Masumi pursue and apprehend Tegawa.
Conan and Ran confront Ryohei about his identity and learns Kiritani was his elementary school teacher who influenced him.
Learning of his, Kamon clasped her face into her hands, scratching some skin off, and committed suicide.
Afterwards, Chiba remembers passing by Naeko but remains unsure of her identity.653 "The Design of Poison and Illusion (S Transcription: holmanpdf "Doku to peter Maboroshi no Dezain (S ( Japanese : (S) April 28, 2012 holmanpdf 16 The police campbells arrive and their investigations reveal the baumkuchen was cut evenly into eight pieces and that only one of the piece was poisoned.Banba proclaims innocence and reveals the culprit is most likely Tooru Amuro, their waiter who has secretly met with Kamon.3, the second opening theme is, kimi no Namida ni Kon'nani Koishiteru episode lit.675 "Won't Forgive Even One Millimetre (Part 1 Transcription: "1 Miri mo Yurusanai (Zenpen ( Japanese : 1 November 10, 2012 38 The detective boys are invited by a couple for barbecue.650 "Detective Agency Confinement Case (Release Transcription: "Tantei Jimusho Rj Jiken makefile (Kaih ( Japanese : March 17, 2012 13 Conan declares Mitsui is innocent since she was witnessed leaving Miku's room; Sawaguri inferred the culprit crossed over from the balcony and left by his room.671 "Detectives' Nocturne (The Case Transcription: "Tantei-tachi no Yaskyoku (Jiken ( Japanese : October 6, 2012 34 Kogoro prepares to meet with the client Kei Katshitsuka.Archived from the original on February 27, 2015.Prior to Manga Appearances, edit, actor's Apartment Case (Manga: 170-172; Anime: 102-103)." Detective Conan Episode 666"."Spicy a Kansai manual dialect for Tokyo's Shoppai lit." Detective Conan Episode 652".Conan relays his deductions to Ryohei explaining a system of fans and TV remotes created a fake time of death; This was done setting one of the fans and remote makefile to channel surf while the other fan and remote is set on a timer.When the next part of the script is e-mailed to the crew, Ran and Conan are dragged in as extras.