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Hl-dt-st dvd-rw gsa-h73n driver update

hl-dt-st dvd-rw gsa-h73n driver update

Fedelia (artec 9RA-OA40, 9RA-OA48, 9RR-4048, gsa-hn 9RR-4848, 9RR-48W, 9RR-YO48, 9SM-4848, 9SM-52X, 9SM-52Z, 9SM-52ZA, 9SM-YG48, hl-dt-st 9SM-YG52.
Our PC software supports the following drives for burning CDs and/or DVDs.
Linkage (aopen cdrw2440E, cdrw4048E.Aopen: 16X48X24X48, 16X52X24X52combo, 16X52X32X52combo, 16X8 DVD dual, 20X10X40 CD-RW, 24X10X40 CD-RW, 24X10X48 CD-RW, 32X12X48 CD-RW, 40X12X48 CD-RW, 40X12X50 CD-RW, 48X12X48 CD-RW, 48X12X50 CD-RW, 48X16X48 CD-RW, 48X24X52 CD-RW, 4X IDE CD-RW, 52X24X52 CD-RW, 52X32CD_R/RW, 52X32CD-RW, 52X32combo, 52X32X52 CD-RW, 8X4X32 IDE CD-RW, cdrw5232, COM4824, COM4824/AAH, COM5224, COM5224/AAH.HP: dvd-writer, CD Writer 52r, CD-Writer cd12d, cd12n, cd12ri, cd14f, cd16b, cd16c, cd16Ci, cd16e, cd16f, cd16mi, cd16n, cd16r, cd16ri, cd16v, cd24p, cd52e, cd52i, 1610e, gsa-hn CD-Writer 7100, 7200, 7500, 8100, 8200, 8200a, 8200F, 8290, M820, 9100, 9100b, 9100c, 9100e, 9100ei, 9200, 9300, 9310, 9400, 9410, 9500.Optorite (AccessTek CRD-bpdv2, CRD-bpdv3, DD0202, CD-RW CW1601, CW3201, CW4001, CW4002, CW4801, CW4802, CW5201, CW5202, CW5205, CW5207, TCW5201, combo DC4801, DVD RW DD0201, DD0203, DD0401, DD0405, DD1203, DD1205, DD1601, DD1603, TDD0201, dvdrw DD0202, DD0205, DD0402, DVD-RW DD0204, DD0403, DD0404.RWD (JVC gsa-hn RW2224, RW4224, XR-RW4424.Caravell (sanyo CD-R CDR-N820S.NEC: NR-7900A, CD-RW NR-7500A, NR-7700A, NR-8500A, NR-8400A, NR-7800A, NR-7800B, NR-7900A, NR-9100A, NR-9200A, NR-9300A, DVD_RW ND-1100A, ND-1200A, ND-1300A, ND-1500A, ND-2300A, update ND-2500A, ND-2500A2, ND-2510A, ND-3500A, ND-3500AD, ND-3500AG, ND-3520A, ND-3520AW, ND-3530A, ND-3540A, ND-3540B, ND-3550A, ND-3551A, ND-3650A, ND-4550A, ND-4551A, ND-4570A, ND-4571A, ND-5200A, ND-5300A, update ND-5500A, ND-6500A, ND-6550A, ND-6750A, ND-6751A, ND-7550A.Samsung: update CD-R/RW SCW-230, SN-208B, SW-204B, SW-204F, SW-206, SW-207F, SW-208B, SW-208F, SW-212B, SW-216B, SW-216F, SW-220B, SW-224B, SW-224F, SW-232B, SW-240B, SW-248B, SW-248F, SW-252B, SW-252F, SW-252S, SW-252T, SW-408B, SWE-240B, cdrw/DVD SM-308B, SM-308N, SM-312B, SM316B, SM-332B, SM-352B, SM-352F, SM-352N, SM-352S, SM-408B, SN-308B, SN-324B, SN-324F, SN-324S, SN-W08B, SU-408B, combo SM-304B.WPI: cdrw-622, cdrw-642e, cdrw-1622e, cdrw-1622, cdrw-1688, hl-dt-st cdrw-2422, cdrw-4424, cdrw-4432, cdrw-8432, cdrw-8432i, cdrw-12832.Use the links on this page to download the latest version of HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GSA-H73N ATA Device drivers.HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GSA-H73N ATA Device - Driver Download.Generic (BTC GEN 8000.

Compal (AccessTek TSD80Y1 DVD.
Shark (BTC cdrw1610IM, cdrw2410IM, cdrw3212IM.
MSI (AccessTek CD-R/RW CR-48, CR-52, daemon CD-RW 48xmax, 52xmax, 52X32-M0, CR-52, CR52, MS-8332, MS-8340, MS-8340S, messenger MS-8348, MS-8348S, MS-8352M, MS-8416N, combo 48X24-M0, DVD Du 4X/24X-M0, 8X/48X-M0, dvdrw 4X/40X-M0, 8X/48X-M0.Generic (philips freecom24B, freecom24B USB, freecom24D, freecom24E, freecom32A, freecom52I.Creative: CD-RW ED5220, ED5220-A, ED5221, RW121032E, RW1210E, RW1220E, RW1260E, RW1610E, RW1611E, RW1620E, RW1650E, RW1680S, RW2024E, RW2410E, RW2410E-B, RW2450E, RW3210E, RW3260E, RW4010E, RW4020E, RW4060E, RW4224E, RW4424E, RW4810E, RW4811E, RW4820E, RW4860E, RW5220E, RW5221E, RW5260E, RW52G0E, RW6424E, RW8432E, RW8433E, RW8435E, RW8436E, RW8438E, RW8439E, combo CB1210328E, CB7820E, CBA020E, CBA820E.I have codes a Dell Inspiron S running windows vista and my CD/DVD drive does not recognize a DVD when installed.Micro Advantage: dvdrw IDE1008.Lacie: cdbp-12432A, cdbp-12432S, cdbp-121032A, cdbp-121032S, cdbp-161040A, cdbp-161040S, cdbp-241040A, cdbp-241040S, cdbp-321040A, cdbp-321240A, cdbp-401240A, cdbp-401248A, cdrw-8432A, loss cdrw-12432S, cdrw-booster, LTR-1240B, CD-RW booster, keygen d2 DVD-RW.Superm (lite-ON DSM-6S165H, game DSM-6S165L, DSM-6S165P, DSM-6S165S, DSM-7S166P, DSM-7S166S, manager DSM-FH166P.Genericp (matsushita UJ-820P, UJ-820P daemon DVD/cdrw, UJ-822P, UJ-822P DVD/cdrw, UJ-830P, UJ-830P DVD/cdrw, UJ-831P, UJ-831P DVD/cdrw.

OTI-975 (BTC socrates, socrates.00.
Lite-ON: CDR-6S48, CDR-6S52, CXR-3X40B, DH-20A4P, iHAS120, iHAS124, iHAS424-08, iHAS424-98, iHAS424-98 Y, iHAS424-98Y, LTC-40161, LTC-48161H, LTC-48161K, LTC-48161T, LTR-511, LTR-0841, LTR-1240, LTR-1241, LTR-12101B, LTR-12101C, LTR-12102B, LTR-12102C, LTR-16101B, LTR-16101C, LTR-16102, LTR-16102B, LTR-16102C, LTR-24101B, LTR-24101C, LTR-24102B, LTR-24102C, LTR-24102M, LTR-24102S, hl-dt-st dvd-rw gsa-h73n driver update LTR-24102U, LTR-24103S, LTR-32102H, LTR-32102S, LTR-3248MH, LTR-32103S, LTR-32105S, LTR-32123H, LTR-32123S, LTR-32125K.