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Metal gear portable ops manual

metal gear portable ops manual

Knock - When you are on the portable stick to surface position press square to knock on the wall.
We assess that portable it is available for procurement at any time." portable Be gear a lynx and head West until you reach the bus.
Make sure Snake has full Hp and Stamina before you head out.When you reach up the stairs go North and then into the first door on your right.When he is tired after doing his Speed Dash.You should be across the bridge, the MK22 is to the left of you or South.Sneak behind him when he turns around and knock him out.Nutritionist: Increases portable rate of stamina recovery when in the Med unit.Put the TNT on the green crates and blow.For example your soldier starts out with Hp100 and Stamina200.There ya go you finished manual that stage metal without even getting a caution.Once you do that raxa will metal collapse and now you have to shoot the missile launcher when it opens it up, it will be orange.Hop down and use the crawl space.

Obtained: Medical Unit, portable Hospital Pentazemin: Reduces hand tremors when aiming a weapon in First Person View.
Liquid Nitrogen Counter: If you hit him he will counter with this where LN comes out of his crack body and nitro if your to gear close you can get hit.
Blowing Things Up Part 1: The Supply Depot EP10 Items: -7.62X39MM x400 Ammo -Rations (S) x3 -TNT x5 -Heat x20 crack Ammo -Magazine.32ACP x300 Ammo Number of enemies: 6 (4 lynx, 2 Male General) Number to take care of: 0 (Call) Start by switching.Get to that crate by rolling onto the " crate islands " til you get there.(Call) Manage: Map M9 Equip snake with a Rocket Launcher and some heat ammo, along with 10-15 Large Med Kits, and his trusty Mk22.(One Time Only) Claymore: An anti-personnel mine consisting of explosives and 700 steel ball bearings contained within a gently curving plastic case.(Call) (Cutscene) boss: Null BOS4 Items: -(4) Rations (S) x3 -(4) Med Kits metal (S) x3 -9MM x300 Ammo First of head all the way North and jump of the ledge, this will now be embrace your battle area.

MK23, portable Ops Plus exclusive.
If you want to do it metal gear portable ops manual another way simply equip your Mk22 or XM and aim from about a little more than half way across the bridge and shoot the guards in the head.